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Come Play Raise the Rate!

Raise the Rate – A Game of Chicken with your Money

My Niteflirt lines are on…1-800-863-5478 ext: 10529873. Let’s see just how far you’re willing to go.  No reward ever comes without risk.  Let’s get your adrenaline fired up, raise your body temperature while your cock rises. Why do you enjoy playing such a precarious game? What thrill do you get every time you hang up the phone and watch the rate raise higher and higher?  I will raise the rate…over and over.  Can you hang?
Don’t you Wish you Could Have a Little Taste?



What a fucking ride I’ve been on. I’ve spent so long being in control, and considering myself dominant, that the experiences over this last year rocked how I view myself. I now firmly see Myself as a switch in My personal love life. Someone came in with such driving, masculine force that all I could do was succumb in awe and ecstasy…over and over. And he had no need for coercion to make a world-shattering impact. I willingly surrendered every piece of Me. That in itself is mind-boggling. I finally understand what the need to be owned, consumed, and wrapped in the energy of another is. This all lead to another revelation…


Never, and I shall repeat it, NEVER have I desired belong to another human. My urges have always been of the possessive style. My libido, my longings, my essence…always mine to do what and whom I wish. Until him. And I would have joyfully fallen to my knees to be possessed. He could have taken it; locked it up, and kept it hidden in a gilden cage. Forever to be cherished by him alone.

Luckily for you, he didn’t. What’s left is 1000 times darker and more lovely than ever.

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