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Thoughts of Sex Hypnosis


Thoughts of Sex Hypnosis

Join Me on a fabulously, fun journey into your mind’s inner workings.  Trust Me, I know just how much you think about sex, and I want to show you exactly how mind fucked I can get you.  All for My amusement of course ;).  Lay back and let Me scramble your thought responses on this almost 25 minute session to prove that all those statistics about how much you think of sex were right.


This recording includes:

Format:  mp3

Effects:  multiple track layers, left & right ear separations, binaural beats

Music:  light background

Price: $25.99

Equipment: Make sure to use headphones for the optimum experience


Every once in a while I like to post videos on YouTube.  I love making artsy little snippets.  The one below has been on My YouTube Channel for some time now.  The only catch is that it’s private and can only be seen here.  I don’t make them all that way, but I do like to make boys work for little free treats. I am sure you’ll agree that me wiggling My fat ass around in shiny pants is a definite treat. If you haven’t subscribed to My channel, get your ass over there and do it now.  I even put a special one up for the mouth addicts.  There are lots of slurpy, sucking sounds and hot moans.  Let Me know what pops up in your mind after watching (click → – I Love Candy Teaser).

Enjoy those free YouTube vids…don’t forget – subscribe for more!

Smelly Socks

Smelly Socks

Can you believe My beautiful feet could make something so nasty?  Well, you better believe it!  These are the smelly socks you’ve been waiting for.  These are a couple months worth of sweaty, hard ass work.  These are My nastiest socks to date.  They have been through workouts and lawn mowing sessions down here in the humid Florida weather .  They are just plain crusty and disgusting (at least to Me).  I know that means they are a prized possession for you, though.  Trust me, these are the super, smelly socks you want to fight for…so get to bidding!

Get over to right now (if you don’t have an account – Make One!)

Goddesscaat123 – Auction Item # 1453816404 

 Good Job – My wornsockslover took the auction up to the reserve already!  What’s taking the rest of you so long?

Embrace your Girly Mind

Embrace your Inner Girl

Let Me strengthen your inner Womanly side.  It’s important to block out everything else that influences your mind daily. Music is a very powerful tool for shaping thoughts and emotions.  To embrace your feminine side, you must have the proper mind frame.  We both know you don’t want to be so manly.  Girly things and prissy ways make you feel so good inside.  Sexy clothes and girly songs make your feel so pretty.  The dresses, heels, big hair and makeup is what you crave.  Let your inner bitch out with what I have here for you.  I insist that you need to listen to nothing else again. Say thank you Goddess for the time I put into leading you to understand your true nature.


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