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Daily Devotional Affirmations


These seven daily devotional recordings are brief affirmations to deepen your need to submit to your Goddess.  Each one reminds you how important your surrender is.  Enforcing your need to tribute and worship is the goal.  It isn’t hard to drive your lust and attraction through the roof with your pliable mind.  I desire your sexuality.  Every drop of it to be in service to only Me.


Format:  mp3

Effects:  multiple track layers, left & right ear separations, isochronic tones

Music:  light background

Price: $15.99

Equipment:  headphones are a must to enjoy the tracks properly

Slut Isn’t Such a Dirty Word!

I found Myself in a conversation with a Woman the other day. It seems She had met a boy who showed interest in dating Her. With a little more digging She found out that he was still caught up with another Lady, as well. This girl was a good little Catholic girl.  She was everything society taught him he should want in a girl. She was all the things you would want in a potential wife except She was dull in bed. Oh…She couldn’t do all those naughty, depraved things Her man desired. She was taught not to, you see.  This Lady I was speaking with is a sexually awake and free Woman, and that’s exactly what had drawn that boy to Her.  No matter what he had been conditioned to believe, he craved that free, wild Woman. This is where the conversation picked up with Me. This Woman brought up the very valid point that men are quite fucked up in the head.  I had to then explain why they truly are.  They have been programmed for the last couple thousand years to believe they should be looking for this virginal Woman to make a bride.  She should live to be sexual only for the man She ends up strapped to for life.  Good girls don’t give head and they don’t do anal…porn is a sin, and fetish are the devil.  While men are off sowing their wild oats all the Eves of the world should be longing for that man who will give Her a good dose of missionary at least once a week.  That’s the world you’ve created for yourselves by shaming Women.  That slut shaming comes from men and Women.  I will get into Women slut shaming other Women another time, but back to the fellas.  With the establishment of patriarchal society around the time of Abraham, you hastily managed to put the biggest mind fuck on half the human race. Sex makes the world go round, but you convinced the Female half that their sexuality wasn’t their own.  It belonged to a man.  It needed to be covered up so no other naughty men would try to steal it.  Nice job repressing something you find irresistible and beautiful.  If, as a Woman, you acted like you loved sex or dressed like you love your sexuality…well, you were a slut.  So, fast forward to now…where has that left men?  It is the desire of every man I’ve ever met to have a partner who craves sex, is freaky as hell, and is open to experimentation.  While that good girl you dated or married is repressing Herself to be the ideal image of what She believes you want Her to be to keep you hooked…you’re scouring the earth for that slut, that whore; the one who can take you closer to bliss.  All the dirty things She does keeps you excited…vibrant.  By your own creation, neither you nor your good girl can see Her in those nasty positions, or doing it as much as your sex drive demands.  What would you think of Her?  What would others think of Her?  Now, not saying all Women are out of touch with their inner Lilith, because there are plenty of  men who have found those awakened Ladies.  Those are they lucky boys.  The rest of you need a strong slap up side your head.  If you want a Woman who loves sex then make the world a place that welcomes Her sexuality. Everything in the world revolves around Her sexuality anyway.  Worship Her sexuality.  Things are changing with Women, and you should be leading the charge.  If you haven’t already…do yourself a favor, too.  Get real with yourselves.  Sluts and whores are amazing…you need one in your life.


Which do you choose?


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