Stroking for Goddess

Admit it, you love stroking.  The idea and action undoubtedly encompass the better part of your daily life.  Whether it’s porn or some other poison you are helplessly addicted.  Like right now the thought of stroking your cock has you already touching that growing bulge in your pants.   Hold it right there, boy!  There is a time and place to stroke…and I know you lack self-control.  I know you will stroke, but from this day forward you will only do it for Me.  This hypnotic brainwash will keep you Stroking for Goddess.  There is no better pleasure…wouldn’t you agree?


Format:  mp3

Effects:  multiple track layers, left & right ear separations, isochronic tones

Music:  light background

Price: $7.99

Equipment:  headphones are a must to enjoy the track properly