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Choose Chastity Brainwash

Choose Chastity

Chastity seems so enticing, doesn’t it?  Giving up control over your cock, over your body, over your very being could open up a whole new world for you.  All you need to do is take that one last tiny step over the edge.  This looping chastity brainwash file will assist you in overcoming any resistance you may be holding onto still.  It is time to learn how a strong Woman can break down and reshape you into a better man once She has you locked up tight.  I have included a 2 1/2 minute video with hypnotic effects for times where you want some visual reinforcement.  There are 5 suggestive photos of the Goddess in shiny pants & corset included.


Format:  mp3 & wmv

Effects:  multiple track layers, left & right ear separations, isochronic tones

Music:  light & droning

Price: $23.83

Equipment:  headphones are a must to enjoy the track properly

Pink Lace Panties Auction

Pink Lacy Panties - Ebanned Auction

Lace has a special effect on Me.  I feel so sexy…like the most gorgeous Goddess in these pink lace panties.  I love the way they hug all of My most sensitive areas.  Caressing My pussy and tucking themselves so tight against My tiny asshole.  There is exactly 24 hours left to get these covered in all of My succulent juices.  It’s time for you to get over to and win this auction.  Don’t kick yourself in the ass later.  These are the perfect worship material.  Item # 1442154805

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