Well,  many of you have already asked, but for those that haven’t been stalking My every move…My site (actually WordPress) was hacked sometime in the last week by some dullard Turk.  I was shocked when I didn’t totally lose it over My loss.  Five years gone in a flash.  After some time spent reflecting I realized that this disaster may have just been a blessing in disguise.  I haven’t been truly satisfied for quite a while.

I am not satisfied with men.  The ones who claim they want to serve Me, the ones I deal with via the web, and the ones in My personal life.  Every single fucking one of you is clueless.  I don’t have to tell you that your cock’s ego is the main culprit as to why our world sucks.  I believe a portion of the male population truly has some potential, though it is mired in the muck of a couple millennia of misinformation.  I am making it My personal mission to dig deeply and drudge it out.  It is time to start a new world.  This is your shot to correct history by learning your true purpose in life.  I know you can feel it…you are being called to serve the Goddess.

I am going to switch things up drastically on My site.  While I have enjoyed humiliating some of My pets and even more losers than I can count, from this point forth I will focus on number one, ME!  I will focus on My enjoyment and you will focus on making every single damn day of My existence the ultimate.  I am sure you will come to find that you have one goal in life…to satisfy a Lady.  Now, I know that is something that the majority of you completely fail at in every aspect of your life, but I am the miracle worker.  I can fix you.